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by Bendy Cat

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Vox & Guitar - Tommy Moore
Vox - Emilyann McKelvey
Lead Guitar - Sean McCann
Synth Bass - Braethun Bharathae-Lane
Drums - Nick Jones


released December 16, 2016

Recorded at RetroFeed Productios by Bendy Cat
Mixed at RetroFeed Productions by Nick Jones
Produced by Bendy Cat



all rights reserved


Bendy Cat Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Seventh Fret
you don’t psych me out like I do / I’m thinking of the ways to brush off you / let’s face it we’re all gone anyway / our gums will collect strays from yesterday // yo fur real I’ve been the only one / every time staring past your past girl / now my capo’s on your seventh fret / the other one is lost girl // hypocondriacally sane / my memory is triggered by ulterior displays / you don’t psych me out like I do / what is my voice if all I can hear is you? // introduce new living style slow / make sure to floss under your tongue curl / meaning take your name back to the neem / to sterilize all that we wasted // when you’re the red fish between two rays / so pretty but / looked at so funny in different / all these crimson days / laying expiration oil on pots and pans to keep the rust off them / hold together / or all the green circles will float a- / way to go / for trusting that in every way / tiny mouth bliss / don’t ever cry when she’s in need / impulsiveness / is distinctly districting your personality
Track Name: Right to Left
I don’t want you to sleep in the bed / sleeping on my right / and you don’t want me to use the map I love / looking at my life // I look to the left for my right // it seems that you want to try not to know / do or do not // stay with me by the pier / so I can know if you want to try
Track Name: TARS
I’m getting lost in the corners of your rectangularity / but baby you’re cyborg / how can you really care for me? / watching as you spasm / speeding through the space-time chasm / all this grappling with gravity / really got the best of me // TARS! / the end is coming soon / we’ve rounded Saturn and Neptune / I’ll feel you on the other side / where different moods and sons abide / thanks for the ride // goodbye is just another word we’ve programmed a reaction to / but space and time are coming to a head / and all the stars are spinning // TARS baby I’m missing you // the sun is just another star / and the earth is just another car / a spaceship sent off from afar / for wonder of just what you are
Track Name: Cook a Bone
I've done a quite a bit of / HEY! / looking at my time / but I cannot convince this itch of mincing to an inch of existence is quenched / I know I've stumbled to a / SPOT! / looking at my time / sure for showing what I missed to list how pissed miss kiss gave to me on my damn lips // cook a bone / oh it's low / on totem / too bad your mother doesn't know / who sold 'em / nebulo knows portal / mute buttone lacks show-toony gusto / to show up // flitting to the pit of critical / we lit to all we have it / to submitting what has came of shit / forget all the fires all the times we're ticking off this / listening to finishing the list / we left the rest behind it / forgive the two-time kid / forget all of the fires and all of the times we are ticking off this
Track Name: Thx
you came to my thanksgiving / and ate all my tempeh stuffing / but couldn’t decide which leg / was yours to chew on in bed // relaying a festival / I know it’s hard to bear / the weight of what is yet to come // you should cook me dinner // sometimes / let’s / cook! // I grab the smelly celery / we concoct and spill too much coffee / the dog thinks we’re meant to be / but I’m not in your bibliography
Track Name: Ballena blanca
dime / espacio blanco // quién eres tú? // muéstrame una ballena blanca / que quiere simbolizar lo que sea mi alma // qué es usted? // enséñame / cómo nadar aquí / explícame por favor / por qué nadaste por allí / cuéntame toda la historia / cuéntame lo que ya no he dado cuento / entérame / entiérrame / en el cielo que me has aprendiste / en el suelo que la mano hiciste
Track Name: ¿Cuántas maneras?
cuántas maneras hay amanecer? / cuántas maneras hay anochecer? / cuántas guerras se quedan para luchar? / cuántas causas hay importar? / el mundo en revolución no sabe cómo cambiar / el mundo cambiante no sabe cómo terminar // y yo no sé nada porque soy sólo humana / yo no puedo hacer nada porque soy sólo humana // los revolucionarios no saben nada de tí / los revolucionarios no saben nada de mí / sólo tienen causas nacidas de generación / pero rebelión verdadera pasa en el corazón // no puedo hacer nada porque soy sólo humana / creamos la realidad pero tiene pinta amarga // que vamos a hacer con nuestros mismos? // se puede volver todo el mundo al revés / pero cada vez se dará vuelta // cuántas maneras hay amanecer? / cuántas maneras hay anochecer? / cuántas maneras hay revolver? / cuántas maneras hay resolver?
Track Name: New Feet
it’s time for me to get a new standing / on top of blocks of crystal gold / you look at me with dark eyeglasses / can’t you get it through your skull your perfect? // it kills me to watch you go through the changes that I really wanted to / but I guess if you got to you got to / it got you // in time you will see / that you’re good enough for anyone but me / but only kidding / you’ll come to agree / that our amateur thanatology is killing me / crass is the feeling // think as I say and not what I do / will I ever reach this pinnacle? / my tight-bound hair comes out in masses / falling into the hole / bury it / so it goes // it’s nice to be free from the people my past marrow wanted desperately / found out by dreaming in my full-on sleep / I shouldn’t be where I’ll be / unless I should / it’s really up to me
Track Name: Stuck on You (Doctor)
doctor can you fix me? / give me some new skin on this wound of mine / I got broken / I got burned / I got cut down a size / these bruises under my eyes / will make you realize / doctor can you fix me? / give me a new lease on this cautious life // I don’t wanna drink tea no more / did you hear the news? / please don’t laugh when you see me out / wearing two different pairs of shoes // I’m stuck on you / said the sock to the hot skin-glue // undertaker save me / get me to where I need to go / I’ve got pockets / I’ve got pants / got nowhere I need to go / sabertooth in my side / someone took me for a ride // give me one month / I’ll grow back new / give me some of your time / I swear I’ll grow on you
Track Name: By Myself
we had a volley / I could forsake that / feline eyes don’t close doors behind / fascinating bus ride driver / crocheting his hair-tie to wine // I think I’ve heard it all before / how could we end up so sore? // but it’s all to myself // by myself I’ll do it / seeing the past before I knew myself // my life’s a lizard / with eyes around my legs / seeing them adapt away to run and play / your image wants to call me venomous / but man now I can’t touch you babe
Track Name: Ocala
you and I said we would part / but nothing’s happened yet / it’s a start / we don’t like to limit our touch to one / but it’s hard to deviate / it’s begun // why is everyone not on our page? / it seems easy enough to understand our ways / they’re friendly ways // so here we go to Ocala / mountain to a pine-scrub flat / bye Nala / maybe we’ll make love to trees / cypress paw / anything to get our novelty ahh / we don't want to hurt nobody / we just want to love everybody / oh you know what I'm talking about y'all